01 July 2021


 Oh, here we go.  Coming in hot from last month, or yesterday, we just got our first call.

1 July 2021

  310-504-8578  Redondo Beach, CA - Again with the 310-504-XXXX.  We have long figured out that these were telemarketer/scam calls.  But, we now have confirmation from the phone and Call Protect


So, be on the look out for these 'new' batch of numbers.  We have received a few, only about 9,995 numbers left to block.  Fuck you!

  978-775-6393  Andover, MA - This is the same call we got a few days ago.  Same message, left by automated system, with call back numbers not matching.


And, what in the blue hell is "Express Scripts"?  We were hoping that Hollywood was calling regarding our submitted treatment to a sequel of a very popular movie franchise.  But no, something about pharmacy.  So, a drug deal?  Fuck you!

5 July 2021

  619-411-6541  San Diego, CA - This one is easy.  While they left a message, the long outgoing message only allowed the last four words of their long winded, pre-recorded message.


Sounds cryptic.  Obviously, this is a robo call with a robo message.  A human would have waited until my long outgoing message was finished before going on with their sales pitch.  Robos are not that smart, yet.  So, fuck you!

6 July 2021

Normally, we are just hanging out, just waiting for calls to come in, like a desperate teen waiting to be asked to prom.  Today, we were out and about...perhaps hunting telemarketers.  Anyway, during our excursion, we got three calls.  Oh, we wish we were around, not to receive the calls, but just give 'live' updates to this blog.

  310-849-3622  Beverly Hills, CA - So we are back to those Beverly Hills numbers.  Perhaps there are more numbers left to block.  Fuck you!

  310-849-3266  Beverly Hills, CA - They thought this number was so good, they used it twice to call us, about a minute later.  As if!  Oh, was the first one a mistake, perhaps not a telemarketer?  Then, the second one would be legit, right?  No way someone would dial the wrong number twice...this must be a 'real' call.  Nah!  Of course it is a telemarketer/scam call.  Fuck you!

  310-504-8517  Redondo Beach, CA - Okay, we are back to the Redondo Beach numbers, now?  First two tries with one number did not work for you, so trying again with a 'new' number.  We get it.  Fuck you!

6 July 2021

Who is desperate now?  Looks like we are not that freshman hopelessly waiting for that senior to ask us to the prom.  Come on, three calls in less than an hour?  Get a grip on yourself.  Better yet, grip that robocall machine and fuck yourself with it!

7 July 2021
  510-851-8851  Oakland, CA - Oh, switching it up?  Also, coming in at 8:20AM.  Early call.  But you gotta get up pretty early to get one past Call Protect, and the phone automatically labeled you as a telemarketer.   For shame!


But, we do gotta hand it to you on the 'fun' number, as it rolls of the tongue nicely.  Imagine meeting someone at a bar and throwing out this number.  Five one oh, eight five one, eight eight five one.  You know you are hooking up with a number like that.  Hey babe, here is my number.  Then they reply, fuck you!

8 July 2021

  424-255-3949  Hawthorne, CA - Is this a telemarketer or a scam.  Eh, could be. This might even be a wrong number, but we are leaning towards typical cold calling...which is an early form of telemarketing.  Here is a long-winded message Mike Taylor left.  


Who is Mike Taylor?  We have no idea.  We have no business with him nor have we had previous conversations about whatever he is talking about.  We kinda tuned out after the first 10-15 seconds.

Also, what is this practice of calling from one number, then leaving a message to call you back at another number?  Scam?  Wrong number?  Telemarketing?  Cold call...and fuck you!

11 July 2021

  cruickshankdrfrank@gmail.com - Oh, these email texts are coming in hot!  This one coming in at 1:00AM!  Who the fuck is up at that hour emailing/texting people?  We know this is not a booty call, or is it?  


We just found out something about these mass texts.  Although it says that there are 20 recipients, there are more, way more.  We were curious what numbers received this message and looking at the list of 20 numbers, we were not on the list. In fact judging by the list our number is a few thousand from the listed numbers.  

The list of numbers basically started with XXX-XXX-X101, and went up sequentially to XXX-XXX-X119.  That would be the twenty numbers.  But, there is a 'hidden' list of sequential numbers up until it at least to our number, most likely well beyond.  

So, thousands may have received this and many other of these kinds of texts.

And, what really was this about?  Looks like a cat walked on the keyboard. Is that some link to a scam site?  Promo code for some insomnia medication?  Launch codes for some secret telemarketer mission? Perhaps a reminder that there are free Slurpee's at 7-11, today.

Since there is no direct 'click on link to get scammed', we can speculate that replying with 'remove me from this listing' will get your number on many telemarketer/scam lists.

Again, gotta hand it to the creators of these accounts, love the name.  Maybe we will send them a dick pic, or goatse.  Fuck you!

12 July 2021

  310-504-8306  Redondo Beach, CA - Going back to the old 504.  Okay.  But still, fuck you!

14 July 2021

  jackydebid@gmail.com - Same old routine as above.  But, this time we may get lucky


Look at this message and tell us this does not get you hard.  Yeah, we are totally in, along with twenty other...wait, as we last time, this message went out to way more people than that.  Heck, it may even got back to other telemarketers/scammers.  Imagine that.  Fuck you!

15 July 2021

  615-307-5615  Clarksville, TN - Wait, Clarksville?  As in that Monkee's song, Last Train to Clarksville?  Oh, that brings back memories of watching The Monkees and singing along to those catchy tunes.  I never knew were Clarksville was until this call.  But still, fuck you!

16 July 2021

  310-504-9087  Redondo Beach, CA - We got some Call Protect action, in addition to being labeled "Spam Risk" by the phone.  Not once...

  310-504-6788  Redondo Beach, CA - ...but twice!  Using two slightly different numbers.  These numbers from Redondo Beach have been coming in that last few months, almost replacing those Beverly Hills numbers.  Fuck you...and fuck you, again!

18 July 2021

  russellmshultsfa9020@hotmail.com - What kind of message is this?  First, we get a cold call...or cold text...or is it cold email?  Anyway, it just says "Hi" and very questionable link.  This is not how you get someone to randomly click on that link.  At least give a little detail with poor grammar and misspelled words.

Maybe we do need to set up a fake email address, like 'russell' here, and just start sending these emailmarketers dick pics.


Also, this came in at 2:38AM.  Fuck you!

21 July 2021
  +31 3626632726  Netherlands - Uh, this might be a wrong number.  But at the time of call, it would be kinda late at night in Netherlands.  Well past regular business hours.

+31 3626632726

So, who knows.  Are we going international with telemarketers?  Outsourcing?  Probably.  Fuck you!  Definitely!

22 July 2021
  650-628-5756  San Carlos, CA - Not one...

  650-628-5756  San Carlos, CA - Not two...

  650-628-5756  San Carlos, CA - But, three calls from this number


Oh, but they left a voicemail:

650-628-5756 voicemail

Uh, renew our 'auto warranty'?  Do you have any idea what kind of car we drive, or if we even have a car?  This is an obvious bot since it requests us to press five...in a voicemail.  So, if we pressed five during playback of the voicemail, are you going to honor the warranty?  What if we press nine whilst listening the voicemail?  Would be get removed from your list...only to be added to other scam lists?  Fuck you!

23 July 2021
  310-504-5343  Redondo Beach, CA - Fuck you!

  775-591-6533  Ely, NV - Such and interesting name, we had to look up Ely.  
Ely is the largest city and county seat of White Pine County, Nevada, United States. Ely was founded as a stagecoach station along the Pony Express and Central Overland Route. In 1906 copper was discovered. Ely's mining boom came later than the other towns along US 50.
Ah, small town with just over 4000 people.  Great place to hide if you are a telemarketer. With an elevation of  6437 feet.  You automatically join the mile high club when you...go fuck yourself!

26 July 2021
  310-504-8124  Redondo Beach, CA - Here we go to start off the week.  How many of these 310-504-XXXX number will we get this week to close out the month?  Fuck you!

28 July 2021
  213-319-6501 - Los Angeles, CA - Love these Silenced Calls that are labeled Spam Risk. Saves us the trouble of looking up the numbers and coming up with some stupid thing to say.  We will just leave it at that.  Fuck you!

29 July 2021
  916-567-9867  Arcade, CA -  Perhaps there is a bitchin arcade in Arcade.  This is an automated call.  How do we know?  They called twice within a minute...

  916-567-9867  Arcade, CA -  ...the second time, they left an automated message.  Yep, same old message from other numbers.  

This is most likely another spoofed number as most automated telemarketer calls are.  Fuck you!

30 July 2021
  310-504-6943  Redondo Beach, CA - Not that it makes a difference, but we might start blocking these numbers. Is there a way to block area code and prefix?  That would be ideal, blocking a 10,000 numbers in one swoop.  We will look into that.  Fuck you!

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