01 June 2021


Can you believe it is already June?  First day of the new month and we already have a call.

1 June 2021

  801-796-9469  Pleasant Grove, UT - Speaking of Pleasant Grove, I highly recommend the film Pleasantville.  One of our favourites.  Maybe we will watch it this month.  The soundtrack is also excellent.  Great escape from telemarketers

Anyway, fuck you!

3 June 2021

  239-896-8940  Fort Myers, FL -  Oh, we love these kind of texts. It looks pretty legit and we might have fallen for it, if it was not for minor details.  

In addition to looking up the number, as we usually do to see where the call originated from, we also had to look up "EDD".  We have no idea what it means or what an EDD Debit Card is...or why we would have one.

In our search we found that this number is associated with sending these texts regarding EDD cards.  Obviously, this is a scam.  The link provided is bogus.

Wait, so how does this work?  If we have a card and there is an issue, there would be a number and/or website on the back for situations like this.  So, your site is shit.  If we do not have a card, you just showed your hand, and this is a scam.  Also, if these were government issue cards (according to your link), it would have a .gov website.  Obviously, you cannot get that because you are a scam.  Fuck you!

4 June 2021

  440-322-4567  Elyria, OH - Sometimes, when we do a search for a number, we get confirmation that it is a telemarketer number.  Thanks to other reporting the number and various 'report telemarketer' sites, search results are pretty conclusive.  Sometimes, we look up a number and a person's name is attached to it.  If the name is not recognizable, we know that the number has been likely spoofed.  

This one happens to have at least two different names attached.  We assume one is older, and the number was discontinued.  While the other listing just recently got attached to this number.  They may make it an easy target to be spoofed by telemarketers.

Fuck you!

 6 June 2021

  239-896-8940  Fort Myers, FL  - We have a repeat offender.  What a total fucking scam!  Hold on, we are getting ahead of ourselves.  Follow along as we break this down.

Upon receiving the text, we noticed the number looked familiar.  Well, that is because it is the same number from three days ago.  Then noticed the body of the text, we may have noticed it at the same time. Anyway, the "EDD Debit Card Alert" really pops, visually, even without actually reading the words.  

At this time, we had our doubts.  Wait, were we wrong about this being a telemarketer?  On no, did we make a huge mistake? Is there egg all over our faces?  Nah, bro.  Check this shit out.  The two texts:


Obviously, same number...and the same message.  Oh, but look at the link.  They are different.  They set up two scam sites to get your information...but only got one number to 'text' from.  You fucked up the first time with a questionable site, as mentioned above.  Now you fuck up again, by using a completely different link.  Fuck you!

8 June 2021

  424-570-7980  Los Angeles, CA - "Eyes now or press nine."  Pretty sure we have seen this voicemail before.


Who calls people at 7:37AM?  Fuck you!

11 June 2021

  760-855-3699   Escondido, CA - Love it when the phone automatically labels the caller as "Spam Risk".  This was also flagged by Call Protect.

Double whammy and a double fuck you!

  charlesdarney122j@gmail.com - Again, twenty people got this text and twenty people, hopefully, ignored it.


Wait, what is this for?  We initially thought it was for smut.  But looking closely, it looks like "local gril 4 me".  So, did you misspell 'girl' or 'grill'?  You trying to sell hot chicks at the ranch or BBQ hot wings with ranch sauce?  Fuck you!

17 June 2021
  310-849-7374  Beverly Hills, CA - Here we go, going back to the classic Beverly Hills numbers.  No texts or voicemails, just straight up cold calls.  Fuck you!

20 June 2021

  775-717-6537 - We have a clear telemarketing campaign going here.  A text from one number, advertising for a dating site with another number.  The 775 area code is most of Nevada while the 310 number is, apparently, Beverly Hills, CA.  We have quite a history with Beverly Hills numbers

So, looking up that number, we are directed to a dating site or phone dating app.  Oh, and it is free for women.  Great!  So women who sign up get harassment from creepy guys...for free.  Sign me up!  Fuck you!

21 June 2021
  310-504-8137  Redondo Beach, CA - Marked as Spam Risk by the phone and flagged by Call Protect.  Fuck you!

23 June 2021
  936-534-9074  Trinity, TX - They actually called twice within the same minute.  One would think that  calls originating from Trinity, there would be three calls.


This was also picked up by Call Protect, both times.  Oh, they did leave a message...standard telemarketing call

Last we left off, the phone is still trying to transcribe the voicemail.  Basically something about credit and our company...neither of which we have.  It was a nice human voice, well rehearsed.  They even left a number for us to call back.  Which, surprise, is not the same number as the call origin.  

While it is possible that this could be a legit company, phone and Call Protect is usually not wrong.  So, fuck you!

  310-504-6355 Redondo Beach, CA - Number looks kinda familiar.  We got a call from the same area code and prefix two days ago.  See above.  This could be a new strand of the virus...uh, hub of telemarketers.  Fuck you!

25 June 2021
  410-200-500 -   Spoiler alert:  This is a scam.  Let us break it down

- Any text from the 410 'area code' is pretty much a scam.  An SMS scam.  Heck, there is even a term for it:  SmiShing
- Not  a complete number.  Meaning it is not in a 3 (area code), 3 (prefix), 4 (suffix) format.  Thee 3-3-3 format is a red flag. Shall we go on?
- FRM: Message - What year is this, 1885?  Is this via text or telegram?  Format is suspect
- WELL_FARG0 - Dude, what?  First of all, it is Wells Fargo.  That is Wells, with an "s"...and Fargo, with an "o", not zero.  
- Click below?  Click?  Are we using a mouse here?  There is no 'click' on a phone, you fucking idiot/
- And the link...come on.  Who ya trying to fool here?

In conclusion.  Fuck you!

26 June 2021
  978-775-6393 Andover, MA - Interesting call, with voicemail.  Very well disguised scam, but still a scam.  The usual flag being raised...wrong number, "call back numbers" not matching, robo message. 

Something about pharmacy benefits.  Well, we currently are not on any medications.  Maybe if you fuck nuts stop calling, we could maintain our blood pressure.  Fuck you

29 June 2021
  310-504-8277  Redondo Beach, CA -  If the number looks a little familiar, it is because we have received multiple calls from 310-504-XXXX numbers...just this month.  These are rightfully labeled as Spam Risk by the phone and Call Protect.  Fuck you!

30 June 2021
  310-504-8578  Redondo Beach, CA - Another one from 310-504-XXXX.  No labels, just the number.  This must be the switch from those Beverly Hills numbers to these new Redondo Beach numbers.  Fuck you!

  774-220-4715  Foxborough, MA - Silenced Call on the phone.  So, you know what that means.  Pretty much a telemarketer...or as they probably say in Massachusetts "talah-mahketah".  They also say, hey fuck you!

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