01 May 2021


Fresh off the last day of last month, these guys jump in the first day of the new month with another telemarketing scam.

1 May 2021

  310-849-9459  Beverly Hills, CA - This is a weird one.  So, it was a text message with a link.  We have seen these before, but this one is different.  It is almost legit.  The only thing in the body of the text is a link to a restaurant's menu.  Obviously, we did not click on said link, but we did do a shallow dive in the bright web.

The text originates from Beverly Hills. The restaurant is located in Sherman Oaks.  Oh, yes, it is a real restaurant with excellent reviews. While we usually do a screen shot of the text, we are not going to this time.  Why?  Well, this seems like targeted telemarketing advertising. 

With the mismatched numbers, at best, they are using a third party to advertise their restaurant.  At worst, the link is bogus and it will lead us to another scam.  So, while the restaurant may have raving reviews, you will get no business nor free advertising from us. Fuck you!

3 May 2021

  208-845-2604  Bruneau, ID - So, we had potatoes last night.  Did we happen to summon the potato gods in Idaho?  Fuck you!

  rual.wu@gmail.com - We got another mass text!


Again, pretty tempting.  If you are texting 20 people with this, it might be more of a gang bang.  Fuck you x20!

4 May 2021
  415-982-4410  San Francisco, CA - Wait, since it is Star Wars Day, is this LucasFilm calling us?  Of course not.  May the fuck be with you!

  412-363-1123  Pittsburgh, PA - No Results from a search, which means this number has not been reported.  You know what that means...yep, another spoofed number.  Unless Sidney Crosby is really trying to reach us.  Fuck you!

7 May 20201
  319-358-1471  Iowa City, IA - Oh, another city named after the state it is in.  Another city thought to be nice, they named it twice, another notification on my device, I curse you with a head of lice.  Fuck you!

12 May 2021
  310-849-9465  Beverly Hills, CA - Ah, good old Beverly Hills.  Fuck you!
  310-440-9904  Los Angeles, CA - Keeping the calls in the Los Angeles County area.  Good.  Fuck you!

13 May 2021
   760-469-2164  Palm Desert, CA - We doubt Mr. Hubbard is trying to reach us.  This is another spoofed number.  Boy, if we had a nickel for every spoofed number that calls us...we would have a lot of nickels. 

Another red flag that this is a telemarketer call is the voicemail they left.  Good thing the phone has a transcript:


Was this transcription useful?   Hell yes, it was.  Again, the beauty of having a long and annoying outgoing message, it fucks with robocallers when they try to leave a message.  Fuck you!

18 May 2021
  619-590-9907  El Cajon, CA - Robo caller left a robo message


So, which number do we press to shove robo phone up your robo ass?  Fuck you!

21 May 2021

  310-849-3716  Beverly Hills, CA - Easy peasy.  We know when a  Beverly Hills number pops up, just like you know the next two words will be...Fuck you!

  310-849-2509  Beverly Hills, CA - So it begins, the barrage of calls from the Hills of Beverly.  This one intercepted by Call Protect.  Why did the first one slip through?  Fuck you!

21 May 2021

  310-849-7712  Beverly Hills, CA - That is a Beverly Hills natural hat trick.  Fuck you!

22 May 2021

  310-849-5588  Beverly Hills, CA - Oh, they just keep on coming.  Fuck you!

27 May 2021
  tofurkey44@gmail.com - This text came in five minutes after midnight.  This is way past our bedtime, but we have our shit on do not disturb.  Looks like 20 others were also awaken by this text.


Although, we have to give these guys some bonus points for their username, tofurkey44.  Pretty damn funny, almost makes we not want to sign off with our usual and click on your link.  But, nah...fuck you!

28 May 2021

  760-295-4616  Vista, CA - Caught by Call Protect and labeled as "Spam Risk" by the phone.  Call came in at about 6PM, a little late in the day for a telemarketing call.  Usually, these come in during business hours.  Getting ready for the holiday weekend, perhaps?  Fuck you!

29 May 2021
  310-358-5351  Beverly Hills, CA - Saturday morning call.  We told you they were ramping up for the holiday weekend.  Also, the end of the month


Obviously, we do not know what they are trying to sell, based on the voicemail transcript.  Again, there is no reason for us to be on 'their list'.  We doubt we will get a call from this number again.  Chances are, according to Bart Simpson, "you're damned if you do, damned if you don't"...but pressing nine and being removed from this 'list', you enter on a bunch of new lists.  Fuck you!

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