01 April 2021


 Ah, April Fool's Day.  Perfect day for telemarketers.

1 April 2021

  315-775-2689  Watertown, NY - During the Winter, does Watertown become Icetown?  Fuck you!

  ezgro420@gmail.com - Okay, clever name for an email address.  One does not even need to click on the link to know what this scam is about.


As you can see, this was sent to 20 people.  How many fools fell for this today, could we expect another email/text like this in about 19 days?    Fuck you!

7 April 2021

  anniesterry@gmail.com - Another 20 person mass email. This one coming in at 6:08 in the morning.


Remember back in the day one could only get a Gmail account by invitation only?  This when back when it was new and you really had to know someone to get a Gmail, as there was only like 5-10 accounts that one could give out.  

Now, anyone and their mother can get one and use it as a telemarketing tool.  Including, ezgro420 and anniesterry.  Fuck you!

   ddd1996@gmail.com - Coming at'cha at 7:39


Like we said, anyone can get a Gmail account. Looks like Gmail is the new weapon telemarketers are using to attack us.  Fuck you!

13 April 2021

  913-956-8027  Kansas City, MO - Suck a relief when we just get a regular text to text scam


Wait, is this targeted marketing?  Bitch, you saying I am fat? Okay, I may have put on some 'pandemic pounds', but do I need to drop almost 50 pounds?  Well, would be nice to be thin and sexy.  Maybe then the captain of the football team will ask me to the dance. Wait, fuck you!

14 April 2021

  No Caller ID - What the fuck?  We are sure there is a way to track where/who called but, we are lazy.  Fuck you!

20 April 2021

  veertufan@gmail.com - Okay, you got me.  I might click on the ad.


I wonder how many of the 20 people sent will click.  Uh, fuck you?

  415-296-1330  San Francisco, CA - Oh yay, they left a message.  We have ourselves an auto warranty scam.  Notice the message wants me to 'press five now or press nine'.  Obviously, having a long and annoying outgoing message pays off.  It also weeds out scams like this.


Oh, "renew my auto warranty" you say?  Well, technically, the warranty on my auto is way overdue for renewal.  Fuck you!

26 April 2021

   310-836-7770  Culver City, CA - We highly doubt that Antico Floor Products would be calling us out of the blue.  We are not in the position to have any flooring work done and for sure, we have nothing to offer them.  Could be a wrong number and very possible that they had their number spoofed by telemarketers...and fuck you!

   415-885-3535  San Francisco, CA - With this call, the call above leans more towards a spoofed telemarketer call.  Looks like the San Francisco calls are handling 'auto warranty renewals'.


Same message as the last call from San Francisco.  Funny, I have the same message for them, too.  Fuck you!

27 April 2021

  302-838-3744  Delaware City, DE -  There is a Delaware City in Delaware?  So back in the day, you just name a city after a state?  New York City, Kansas City, Fuck You City!

  512-704-2040  Austin, TX - Austin?  Is Joe Rogan calling us, now?  Fuck you!

30 April 2021

  310-468-6195  Torrance, CA - Last call of the month?  Well, there is still a little time.  Come on, get your calls in.  Fuck you!

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