02 March 2021


 One of these days we are going to stop doing this.  We have been doing this for over ten years.  Telemarketers will always be calling, and we will always be ignoring.  There is no benefit for us to record and report these numbers here.  We are not getting paid for this, very few people read these, and it does not make a dent in the fight against telemarketers.

2 March 2021

  310-271-9885  Beverly Hills, CA - Another number from Beverly Hills.  Does this make it a "luxurious scam"?  Champaign wishes and caviar dreams...more like scam-paign wishes...am I right?  Ha, fuck you!

5 March 2021

  310-418-2960  Gardena, CA - Well, they left a message.  


Is it still telemarketing when they are trying to sell Jesus?  Fuck yes, and fuck you!

  310-283-0603  Gardena, CA - Yeah, we are going to put this in the telemarketing pile.  Just got a second call, six minutes later, with voicemail.  Pretty much the same voicemail.  But, at least these were left by an actual people and they think they are going good.  Still, it does not excuse them from committing the worst sin of all...telemarketing.  Fuck you!

6 March 2021

  fredicnovalkhf583@gmail.com - Text via email.  Do we get spam emails via text?  


Could this be a legit wrong number/email situation and Ann Hendler is trying to send top secret file to Ruth Hallberg?  Nah!  How do you fuck up an email address with a phone number.  Fuck you!

Here is a great video of how some of these scams work and a small payback to some of the scammers.  Enjoy.

18 March 2021

  310-271-9885  Beverly Hills, CA - Sometimes you need to be sharp, like a needle, man.  These pricks are spoofing this number.  Fuck you!

29 March 2021

  310-434-4263  Santa Monica, CA - Looks like this is from Santa Monica College...or is it?  I did not even know Santa Monica had a College, so they would have no business with me.  So, most likely a spoofed call.  Wait, does Santa Monica College offer a telemarketing course?  Fuck you!

30 March 2021

  310-575-6187  Los Angeles, CA - Oh, a 'new' number.  Nothing coming up on a search.  Granted, I only look a the first 2-3 results.  So, could be legit...but leaning towards spoofed and scammy telemarketer.  Fuck you!

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