01 October 2020


Many of us have spent the last 200 days in quarantine.  While some are starving for contact with others, no one, not even during a pandemic, welcomes a telemarketer call.

1 October 2020

 216-294-8637  Cleveland, OH - Early morning text...and we are using this old trick:


Again, so many flags.  They spell my name wrong. Close, but still wrong.  So, this is very unlikely my package.  "From 3/20/2020"?  Really?  That is almost 200 days ago.  What the fuck have you been doing for 200 days. I hope it is not something perishable in there.  That will surely stink up the place.  Fuck you!

  619-304-0824  San Diego, CA - Oh, this is going to be a long month.  Two calls coming in at the same time.  This one was silenced by the phone.  The next one...wait.  Forgot something.  Fuck you!


  620-220-6524  Kansas - Where was I?  Oh, the second one was tagged as a Fraud Risk by Call Protect. 

This is interesting.  Did a search on this number, really to see its location.  I mean, we have dealt with rolling consecutive numbers on phone numbers...but consecutive area codes?  Had to find out.  Well, it is from Kansas.  That is not the interesting part...this is.  Guess what came up.  

It was fucking "Nicole", again.  That bitch is everywhere.  Remember last month's entry, I told this bitch to get on a flight to her next 'destination'?   Well, the cunt landed somewhere in Kansas.  I guess we will hear from her tomorrow from another 'secret location'.  Fuck you!

  310-849-5534  Beverly Hills, CA - The day is barely half over and we already received four calls...and it is only the first of the month.  Fuck you!

5 October 2020

  deanmoore198688@gmail.com - Early Monday morning, before 7AM text.  Other than a computer/robot, who formats their money like that?  "Hey Bob, could I borrow ten and zero cent for breakfast?  I'll pay you back."  Also, "make five hundred" what?  


Again, many issues with grammar, here.  Not very clear with information.  If you say 'hey', do you really need 'holla'?  Why is "HEY" and "NO" in all caps?  Fuck YOU!

7 October 2020

  310-849-9962  Beverly Hills, CA - This number seems familiar.  Did I not block this one?  Fuck you!

  310-849-6789  Beverly Hills, CA - I kinda always wanted a number that was easy to remember like "1234" or "5678".  This surely spoofed number has a great sequence in "6789".  You still suck donkey dick. So, fuck you!

8 October 2020

  424-363-8766  Redondo Beach, CA - We received two texts from this number.  Back to back, about 15 seconds apart.  They are the same text, most likely sent by an intern robot.  Total rookie mistake to send back to back texts.  

Also rookie mistake, asking me to 'click on link' and not provide a fucking link.  How is one supposed to see this glorious 2 bed/3bath/1408 square foot property?  

Minutes away from the beach, you say?  Well, with a name like Redondo Beach, I hope it is close to the beach.  Of course depending your definition of "minutes", it could also mean hours.  We talking minutes by foot or jet fighter at full afterburner?

Who do I know looking to buy?  As a 'realtor' that is your fucking job.  I am just sitting here, rubbing one out and all of a sudden I am asked to do research for you.  I do not text random people and ask, 'who do you know craving french fries'.  Fuck you!

   771-441-9472  District of Columbia - Blocked by Call Protect and label as Spam Risk by the phone. Based on origin of number, this has to be some political jargon.  Fuck you!

15 October 2020
  864-278-2278 - Spartanburg, SC - How cool is the name Spartanburg for a city?  Even the phone number is cool, rolling off the tongue with ease, two-seven-eight...two-two-seven-eight.  But, that is about all you got going for you.  Fuck you!

20 October 2020
  216-327-8266  Cleveland, OH - They are trying to sell me something.  Not enough details for me to click the link

Could they be talking about penis size?  Pretty sure I am already a small.  Who has a XXL penis, and why would you go down that many sizes in that short of time?  I really should start sending replying to these texts with dick pics.  Fuck you!

22 October 2020
  562-817-5817  Compton, CA - One advantage of having a long outgoing message, robots get confused and are unable to leave a complete message.  Also, setting your phone to ignore calls that are not on your phone list is awesome.  Fuck you!

24 October 2020
  216-868-1896  Cleveland, OH - What is up with these texts coming from Cleveland?

This is a change from the norm.  At least a package I ordered is shipped.  Should I be expecting another text in about 3-6 months regarding my parcel being stuck in some facility and then I need to click on some other link to get my package?  Fuck you!

26 October 2020
  310-849-6053  Beverly Hills, CA - A throwback to getting calls from familiar numbers.  Very appropriate for today.  Fuck you!

  No Caller ID - Whoa, really old school with the 'no caller ID'.  Fuck you!

27 October 2020
  310-312-2213  Beulah, WY - Beulah, is that like Boo-Yah!?  Ah, we miss Stuart Scott and his signature catchphrases.  How about this for a catchphrase?  Fuck you!

  531-247-7434  Omaha, NE - Second call in about 17 minutes. I should mention that both of these were labeled as Spam Risks and flagged by Call Protect.  That is pretty much a double fuck you!


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