02 August 2020


There has to be some sort of algorithm to telemarketer calls/texts.  I doubt it is random.  Sometimes there is a long break between calls and texts, sometimes we get multiple per day.

2 August 2020
  917-972-8264  New York - As expected, another CBD text.  This CBD campaign seems to have replaced the DoorDash attacks.  I may have jinxed this.  Surprised that there was no call/text yesterday on the first of the month.  But today, on a Sunday, I get a text.  What is the pattern?  Here is something we can always count on, fuck you!

6 August 2020
  creditalertsauqnahmwp@47dybv.com - Let us take a look at this email address.  Credit Alert Sauqnahmwp.  What the fuck is Sauqnahmwp?  Okay, maybe it is Credit Alerts Auqnahmwp.  So, what the fuck is an Auqnahmwp?  Pro tip:  If you have a credit alert company, maybe name it with something more legit...like "Miramar Credit Alert".


Now, check out that link.  Is the "ogruuqw" part of the link?  Why is it not blue? 

Speaking of company name, maybe invest in a better domain name than a number and some letters.  This is not a license plate, this is your "company".  I am going to do out on a limb and say this is a scam.  Fuck you!

10 August 2020
  210-729-2422  San Antonio, TX - Look at this mess


First, they sent to to ten people, hoping that one of these idiots (including me) bites.  There is "phishing" and there is "kasting a wide knet".  

Second, what the fuck are they trying to say here?  What does that number mean?  What website ends with a % sign?  If you are trying to get people to fall for your shitty scam, make an effort to make your message look legit.  Also, do not sent it o ten people at once.

Third, fuck you!

  213-201-7273  Los Angeles, CA - Total robocaller.  Left a message, but it was automated.  Only a portion of the message was received.    Something about mileage and warranty.  Uh, have you checked the news lately?  There is no mileage on anything when shit is on lockdown. Fuck you!

12 August 2020
  310-599-4292  Compton, CA - Another one to add to our block list.  Fuck you!

17 August 2020
  619-762-6194  Coronado, CA - Oh, they left a voicemail.

Yeah, looks totally legit...NOT!  Total robocall.  Their machine was talking to my machine.  There will be Judgement Day.  Fuck you!

19 August 2020
  541-325-2603 Oregon - Apparently, they are hiring folks to work from home for $500 a week.  Yep, that is it.  No info on what the job is, just $500 a week.  I assume that is before taxes.  No information on how many hours a week I need to work to get that $500.  Am I working 20 hours a week, or are we talking about 80 hour work weeks.  Fuck you!

21 August 2020
  f74c3445@dyfl4h.com - Well, holy shit!  Apparently, I have over $500 from the state that I need to claim.  Uh, just look at the address this bullshit is from.  With all these ridiculous taxes, do you really think the state is owes me money?  Fuck you!

22 August 2020
  cashappalertsjxoibtfcjfsduxfvfl@yahoo.com - I know it totally looks like I just typed 'cashappalerts-at-yahoo-dot-com', then my I moved my mouse and my cat attacked the mouse, leaving the cursor just after 'alerts'.  I know it sound crazy...but, then my cat stepped on the keyboard and "jxoibtfcjfsduxfvfl" was inserted in before the '@'.  No, that was the actual email address that sent this. Here is the screen shot:


Also, why does Cash App have a yahoo email address?  Fuck you!

25 August 2020
  inw-k-e-t-o-iqnowegyeg@yahoo.com - Imagine looking at a resume for someone and they give you this as their email address.  That resume goes straight into the shredder, regardless of qualifications.

Wait, are you saying I am fat?   Although losing 50 pound in 60 days sounds great.  Knowing these scams, I will most definitely lose more than £50 in days (see what I did there?).  Oh, but it is free.  Fuck you!

  310-683-6068  Redondo Beach, CA - No message left, so I know idea what they are trying to push.  Looks like another spoofed number.  Still, fuck you!

27 August 2020
  860-574-5786  Connecticut - So, I got a text message.  I also did a quick search on the number and someone else got about same message.  With a questionable link.  

we came across a package from March owed to you. Please claim ownership and schedule for delivery here: l3smr.info/i4ZOxUu9OvC

Some of the information, like the web address is slightly different, but it is essentially the same message.  Usually shit like this are from spoofed numbers.  So, it looks like they are reusing these numbers to try to scam others.  It is all scams however you look at it.  

What kind of operation are you running where you sit on someone's parcel for six months?  Since you texted me, i is obvious you have my information...just fucking deliver it, like you were supposed to six months ago, you fucking slacker.  Fuck you!

28 August 2020
  917-943-8437  New York - Oh, I got another one of those "claim your package" notifications.  This time from New York.   So, it seems that  I have a package in New York and one in Connecticut...and both have been sitting there for over six months.  

Hey everyone, this is the new scam.  No more CBD stuff.  Wait, what if the packages are CBD supplements?  Fuck you!

29 August 2020
   rewardsandmoreqrhwwsncj@yahoo.com - Again, the email address is questionable, but everything else seems legit.

Okay, the grammar is questionable, but other than that, this has to be legit.  Wait, the kinda incorrectly  spelled PayPal...and the address is totally questionable.  So, other than that, this is totally legit.  Fuck you!

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