20 June 2020

NHL Jersey Numbers Do Not Belong on the Shoulders

Hey, another hockey related post.  Here we are, one hundred days since the last NHL game played before the league shut everything down due to the global pandemic.  While the league and its players are getting ready to restart play, we would be celebrating the Cup Champion around this time of the year.

So, why are we here.  Jersey numbers.  Specifically, the location of jersey numbers.  We can all agree that number do not belong in the front of the jersey.  Currently, I think only the Buffalo Sabres are the only team with numbers on the front, on the right chest.  This looks stupid.  Heck, even Jack Eichel is complaining about his disappointment in the Sabres organization because of the numbers being on the front of the jersey.  Yeah, pretty sure that is what he was disappointed about.  I mean, this is why Buffalo is not getting into the playoffs...where are they going to put the Finals patch?

Anyway, there is another place where jersey number simply do not belong.  The shoulders.  There are a few teams that do this, mainly on their thirds.  I am too lazy to research which exact ones.  Florida is the one team that has numbers on their main home and away uniforms.

Florida home jersey (pic stolen from internet)
Note the stupid numbers on the shoulders. A total eyesore. There is a very simple fix to this.  The Panthers have these beautiful patches on the upper sleeve that can, and should, be placed on the shoulders.  This will leave room for numbers where they belong.  Here, I did a little mock up for you...and the Florida Panthers.

Cleaner look
Look how clean that looks.  I bet Aaron Ekblad would love this.

Another one that violates aesthetics is the Penguin's third jersey. 

WTF? (pic also stolen from internet)
Yes, I know the history of the jersey. It did not look good in the 80's, it does not look good now, and it will never look good to have numbers on the shoulders.  It just looks so top heavy.  There is no excuse here, not like there are patches on the shoulders that need to be moved...and we already proved that moving patched is easy peasy.  Again, simple here.  Numbers go on the upper sleeve.

So much better
Quick mock up, I even took the time to change the colours so they pop. 

There might be another team or two doing this.  But, I think you get the idea of what I am getting at.  Just look at how much cleaner and balanced the jerseys look when the numbers are properly placed on the upper arm. 

Next time, maybe we talk about fixing some jerseys that just missed the mark.

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