01 February 2020


Since this year is a Leap Year, I wonder if I will get a call on Leap Day.

1 February 2020
  562-548-5014  California - First of the month...and on a Saturday.  Luckily, it seems like Call Protect is working again, and blocked the call.  At least we know that Call Protect is running again.  As for the telemarketer, you know the drill...fuck you!

5 February 2020
  310-272-9395  Beverly Hills, CA - I guess we area going back to the Beverly Hills number for this month. Boring. Fuck you!

10 February 2020
  310-849-9096  Beverly Hills, CA - Another spoofed number from a telemarketer/scammer.  Fuck you!

  701-989-7533  Bismarck, ND - This is interesting.  The call came through, yet also intercepted by Call Protect.

No matter, since I 'missed' the call.  Looks like it will be a week of calls.  Stay tuned, and fuck you!

11 February 2020
  408-469-2252  Sunnyvale, CA - Could be a wrong number, but I am leaning to another spoofed number from your friendly neighbourhood telemarketer.  Fuck you!

19 February 2020
  559-596-3909  Dinuba, CA -  Dinuba?  Fuck you!

21 February 2020
  720-613-1690  Hudson, CO - Another spoofed number, this time from the mile high city.  Same old game they keep playing.  Same old response from me...fuck you!

24 February 2020
  599-596-3909  Dinuba, CA - Wait, is this our first return caller of 2020? I highly doubt this is a legit call.  Fuck you!

  760-473-9367  Carlsbad, CA - Ah, I know Carlsbad. That is where LEGOLAND California is located.  Maybe I won free tickets.  Not!  Fuck you!

  916-338-9546  Arcade, CA - If you are keeping track, this is the third call in about three hours.  Hey, I wonder if they have an arcade in Arcade.  What would you call it?  Fuck you!

Who calls me?

26 February 2020
  599-596-3909  Dinuba, CA - Remember this number?  They finally left a message.

Marketing through the telephone...telemarketing, classic.

Oh, so you want to thank me for my years of loyalty?  With what?  A "choice of streaming service"?  So, I need to pay more?  How about this...maybe you can thank my loyalty by not raising the prices every few months. Maybe give me a discount.  When I can questioning the amount of my bill in regards to your service, maybe give me a fucking loyalty discount, instead of trying to up sell me on something that I should be getting as a loyal customer.  How about just not calling me.  Fuck you!

28 February 2020
  310-730-8037  Culver City, CA - Been a while, this is another one of those calls that is in Chinese. I have no idea what they are saying.  The phone's transcription is not able to dictate what was said.  Fuck you!

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