04 January 2020


I started logging every received telemarketing call in late 2010.  So, I have been doing this shit for almost ten years, and I know this will never stop.

Through the decade, we have tried answering the calls and kindly asking them to stop calling. Attempts of reporting numbers to the Do Not Call Registry with, surprise, no results. In the last couple of years, we have technology to 'help' us, such as apps like Call Protect.  While it works on occasion, unwanted calls still slip through.  Additional technology like "Silence Unknown Numbers" do work.  As mentioned, this setting prevents the calls from coming in, but you get a notice of a missed call.  At least it does not disrupt your moment, and you only really know of the call when you happen to check your phone hours later.

Nothing has stopped or slowed down the telemarketers.  Those fuckers are always a step ahead, with sneaky tactics such as spoofing.

While I enjoy writing snarky statements with each call, it is hard to come up with exciting and engaging statements for...well, really no one but myself. Maybe it is time to retire this series.

4 January 2020
  855-454-7088  Unknown - First of the year, first of the decade...and on a fucking Saturday.  Other  numbers with different suffixes are linked to telemarketing scams.  So, it is safe to assume that this is also a Nazi terrorist telemarketer.  Fuck you!

7 January 2020
  855-454-7048  Unknown -  Oh, I see.  We are just gonna have to sit through all the 855-454-70XX numbers.  Fuck you!

8 January 2020
  818-309-2710  Unknown - This came up as 'unknown', but I am pretty sure the 818 area code is Los Angeles.  Search results rate this number as a 'negative' call.  So, fuck you!

9 January 2020
  855-448-1348  Unknown -  I guess this is the month that we get calls from the 855 area code, Virginia.  That is all we "know" of the "unknown".  Fuck you!

10 January 2020
   855-454-7086  Unknown - So far, the theory of using up these all these numbers is holding water.  Fuck you!

13 January 2020
  855-454-0920  Unknown - Okay.  Seems like 2020 is looking to be the year of Virginia based calls.  Keeping it consistent, good New Year's resolution. Fuck you!

23 January 2020
  855-448-2317  Unknown - Could this be, a ten day gap between calls?  This is one of the longest call droughts in recent memory, other than me turning off the phone whilst on holiday.  Ten day gap pretty much guarantees  a shit load if calls coming my way.  As you can see, the Virginia numbers are still being used this month. Fuck you!

24 January 2020
  855-454-0915  Unknown - Fucking Virginia.  Fuck you!

27 January 2020
   267-435-9464  Flourtown, PA - Flourtown?  Not Virginia?  Obviously, I searched for the number, and the first result to come up was obviously...wait for it..."Robokiller Lookup".  Well, the robot left a voicemail.  Not that I listened to it, I just skim through the transcript.  Here is the voicemail they left:

So, they call from one number, but want me to call back to a different number.  This number, 949-668-7772 is in the Costa Mesa, CA area.  That is on the other side of the country!  First result of a search..."Student Loan Scam".  Ha, jokes is on you if you think that 1. I have an education.  2. That education is/was worth paying for.  Fuck you!

29 January 2020
  562-226-7389  Norwalk, CA - Looks like they are spoofing numbers again.  Done with Virginia, moving to California.  Fuck you!

  530-623-5909  Weaverville, CA -  Weaverville totally sounds like a made-up Dr Seuss town. 

A call from Weaverville,
I wonder who.
Does not matter if spoofed or not
So, fuck you!

  650-362-6493  Redwood City, CA - Whoa! Three calls in a day from three different parts of California.  No wonder people hate Californians.  Fuck you!


andpip said...

So along those same lines of this post regarding unwanted contact (My trying to make contact and in no way actually related to this latest post), I’m commenting because I randomly found your blogs while searching the internet for the good ol’ “Hot Wheels Nitro Speeders”. I saw your post from 2015 when you made a custom DeLorean from a a yellow Camaro. 1–Would you happen to still have that?! And 2–Would you consider selling it if so? I loved these and just recently started looking for them again...so I couldn’t pass on at least asking.

awildermode said...

It has been so lone, I am not sure were I put it. Not even sure if I still have the file to print out another one.

Unknown said...

Same here lolll I just blocked all the call every time it calls me with different number. Don’t know what they wanna do by calling me without saying Sth