01 October 2019


Three-quarter through the year and here we are.

1 October 2019
   310-986-2544  Lomita, CA - You should remember this number from last month.  No?  How about from  yesterday, and a few days before that...or a few more days before that?  The last three, now four, calls were from this number.  I neglected to block this number before...but, I did after yesterday's call.  Because it was blocked, Call Protect registered this as a miss call.  Fuck you!

2 October 2019
   310-986-2544  Lomita, CA - Blocked, but still calling.  Fuck you!

3 October 2019
   310-986-2544  Lomita, CA - Pretty sure I blocked this number.  Fuck you!

4 October 2019
   310-986-2544  Lomita, CA - Oh, I guess blocking the number on he Call Protect does not block them on the phone.  So, welcome to the blocked list on  my phone, too.  Fuck you!

  310-986-2544  Lomita, CA - Blocked on the phone and blocked on Call Protect. Yet, still attempting to call (getting notifications via Call Protect).  Fuck you!

8 October 2019
  843-892-1952  Hamer, SC - So, I did some googling. Actually, this is from wikipedia:

Hamer is home to Hamer Hall, a residence from 1890 listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is also the location of South of the Border, a famed tourist trap just before the state line with North Carolina; and it is the home of Blenheim Ginger Ale.
Yeah, whatever.  You have telemarketers chilling in your town.  Fuck you!

   800-681-6998 - Yeah, totally a scam call.  Fuck you!

   650-562-6846  Redwood City, CA - This is interesting, when I did a search for this number the second result was this blog.  Why?  Well, they have texted before.  Yes, I said text. Can you guess where/who the text was from?

Fucking Door Dash!  I am sure that fucking cunt Lori is behind this.  If I ever see Lori, I will punch that face in the cunt (see what I did there?).

Hold on. Panda Express?  Really?   That is like the worst Chinese food you can get.  Surely, in an area like Redwood City, which is pretty close to San Francisco...where arguably some of the best Chinese food in the country is served...you can find a better place than fucking Panda Express.

Anyway, the number is now blocked.  Lori, Panda Express, Door Dash...get in an uncomfortable triangle and fuck yourselves.

   650-316-8358  Mountain View, CA - Going to take a wild guess.  There is a high probability that this is Lori's Door Dash guy calling her with questions for the delivery.  I hope Lori does not get her food.  Fuck you!
9 October 2019
  800-222-3467 - Okay, yeah...so I googled this number and the first couple of results were in Russian. Gonna go out on a limb and classify this as telemarketer call.  Probably a Russian bot. Fuck you!

11 October 2019
  Unknown - The good news is, this call was silenced. The not so good news is, I am unable to shame them, because we know this a telemarketer number.  Fuck you!

14 October 2019
  202-318-2952  Washington, DC - Ooh, a call from Washington.  No way this is legit. Actually, legit or not.  Washington...fuck you!

16 October 2019
  310-986-2544  Lomita, CA - Hey, we all remember this number, right?  I blocked it so this was flagged by Call Protect as 'Telemarketer'.  Yeah, no shit.  Blocked, yet still trying to call.  Fuck you!

18 October 2019
    984-206-1623 North Carolina - Uh, fuck you!

   310-986-2544  Lomita, CA -  Never give up, never surrender.  Fuck you!

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