01 July 2019


Off to an early start this month.

1 July 2019

   310-849-2352 Beverly Hills, CA - Happy Canada Day! Call coming in at 8:30AM. Do you think they are calling to wish me a happy Canada Day?  Probably not. Perhaps a call to inform me of NHL free agency and signings. I think not. Fuck you!

2 July 2019
  310-849-4882  Beverly Hills, CA - Call Protect works even when the phone is off.  So, fuck you!

4 July 2019
  310-770-6292  Beverly Hills, CA - Call Protect works even when the phone is off.  So, fuck you!

8 July 2019
  310-849-3035  Beverly Hills, CA - Call Protect works even when the phone is off.  The last three calls were made, then intercepted by Call Protect while my phone is off.  Fuck you!

12 July 2019
  310-849-6794  Beverly Hills, CA - You may be wondering, "wow, it has been over ten days since the last call".  Well, there is a reason for that.  I have been on holiday and I turned off my phone for most of that time.  Surely, these fuck nuts have been trying to contact me for the last ten days.  Ha!  Well, back to to reality...back to getting telemarketer calls.  Fuck you!

14 July 2019
  213-729-6854  Los Angeles, CA - Really?  On a Sunday?  Well, looks like this another spoofed number.  Apparently, this number is/was registered to a lot of people in the Los Angeles area.  I know, shocking.  I hope the boogie man in the sky royally fucks your shit up or whatever he is supposed do to if one prays enough,  for ruining his day of rest.  But, really, on a Sunday?  Fuck you!

  +33 891 06 50 62  France - Bonjour!  I got a fucking robocall from France...at 22:52...on a Sunday night.  Even factoring in the time difference, it is early Monday morning at the Eiffel Tower.

+33 891 06 50 62
Call Protect intercepted the call, and according to my sources (Google) this is a confirmed robocaller.  The question is always, why call me?  I mean seriously, why call me?  I do not even speak French.  I barely speak English.  Although, I do love French Fries!  Vas te faire foutre!

15 July 2019
  800-223-4542 - Oh 800 number, must be free.  Nope.  Another telemarketer.  They left a voicemail, same old Chinese scam.  Fuck you!

  800-463-3062 - And, another one. Fuck you!

  310-849-3830  Beverly Hills, CA - Well, at least this one is not an 800 number.  Fuck you!

Three calls within 30 minutes
  800-649-4034 - Back to 800 numbers.  This is getting ridiculous.  Fuck you!

18 July 2019
  310-849-8865  Beverly Hills, CA - How many more of these Beverly Hills numbers have I yet to receive calls from?  They just keep on getting spoofed.  Fuck you!

22 July 2019
  619-399-9757  National City, CA - This call came in at 7:46AM.  That is way too early for anything.  But what got my attention is National City.  Dude, that is the (I thought) fictional city where Supergirl hangs out.  Filming locations of the show suggest Los Angeles and Vancouver.  But there is an actual National City just outside of San Diego.  Wow!

Oh yeah, fuck you!

  305-646-4863  Miami, FL - Another early call, almost exactly one hour after that call from Supergirl. What superheros are in Miami?  TV show?  The only thing I can think of is Miami Vice.  I do appreciate the various locations of this morning's calls, still...fuck you!

23 July 2019
  323-517-8817  Montebello, CA - So are we taking a break with the Beverly Hills numbers in attempts to fool me into thinking these are legit calls?  Message left, same old Chinese robocaller.  Fuck you!

  310-843-7923  Beverly Hills, CA - I just praised you for not using a Beverly Hills number.  Okay, not the usual 310-849-XXXX.  But, come on!  You need to change the city of origin, like the last call.  There is no hope for you robots.  Oh yeah, same Chinese voicemail...at least I think it is, they all sound the same.  Fuck you!

  888-208-4837 - Well, okay.  You followed my tip, even made it a 888 number.  Pretty good.  Great the you listened to me, too bad I am not listening to you. Fuck you!

25 July 2019
  949-295-6976  Laguna Beach, CA - Oh, fancy.  Laguna Beach is a nice town.  Way above my tax bracket, so there is no reason anyone from there would contact me.  Maybe I am moving up in the world.  First Beverly Hills, now Laguna Beach.  Ugh, maybe the robots are taking over.  Fuck you!

26 July 2019
  424-427-4449  - The phone branded this shit as "Spam Risk"

City unknown, but the 424-472-XXXX is known to be in the Los Angeles area.  So, fuck you!

30 July 2019
  714-988-6103  Brea, CA - Brea, another mid-upper class community ruined by telemarketers.  Fuck you!

31 July 2019
  310-929-4064  Avalon, CA - Last call of the month

Fuck you!

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