04 June 2019


Well, this is a surprise.  Enough talk, we will get right to it.

4 June 2019
   650-562-6846  Redwood City, CA - Fucking Door Dash!  Oh, surprise!  It is fucking Lori, again!  I do not understand why this cunt keeps using my number.


Remember a few months ago I contacted Door Dash via Twitter?  I thought this shit was handled.  Well, I guess not.  Looks like someone is using my number again for their shitty food orders.  Too lazy to get their own food, too lazy to use their own number.

You know what?  I have a feeling this is a marketing scam by Door Dash. What are the odds that "Lori" used my number again?  Seems to me Door Dash created a "Lori" to cold text people in the form of advertising.  Fuck you!

5 June 2019
  323-772-6908  Los Angeles, CA - Two calls

  323-772-6908  Los Angeles, CA - Here is proof

Call Protect does its job.  Thank you!  Telemarketers try to do their job. Fuck you!

   310-849-8807  Beverly Hills, CA - Well, Call Protect did not get this one.  No worries, I pretty much default to not answering anyway.  Fuck you!

7 June 2019
  310-849-8247  Beverly Hills, CA - Oh, Beverly Hills.  What are we going to do with you?  This will never end.  Fuck you!

11 June 2019
  234-320-9269  Salem, OH - Nothing showing up on a quick search.  And, by 'quick search', I just mean I googled the number.  I do not have some crazy Batcave set up with thousands of dollars of hardware to track these things.  Might be a wrong number, but most likely a spoofed number from a telemarketer.  Either way, fuck you!

13 June 2019
   310-215-4320  Inglewood, CA - Well, here is another spoofed number.  How do I know, you may ask?  I looked up the number using the old internet machine, and found that this is a fax number for a shipping company.  A fax number.  They spoofed a fucking fax number.  Which means, if I was to call back, I would get the sweet sounds of ones and zeros.  01000110 01110101 01100011 01101011 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100001

  310-849-5589  Beverly Hills, CA - Second call of the day.  I thought I blocked this number...correction, I just blocked this number.  Fuck you!

14 June 2019
   347-254-9165  Hyde Park, NY - Nothing like an early morning text on a Friday to start the weekend

Clearly, this is a scam.  Fuck you!

   510-112-7183  United States - What kind of number is this?  AT&T identified this as a scam.  Like, no shit.  Who has a number with the prefix 112?

They kinda left a voicemail.  Nothing in the three seconds.  I guess my long outgoing message fooled the computer.  Fuck you!

  510-112-7188  United States - Oh, check this shit out.


Same MO as the previous number...but look.  The last four number are different.  They are cycling through their numbers and cold calling people in an attempt to scam.  Fuck you!

  510-112-7209  United States - So, a third call, with a third number.  Same MO as with the previous two.

Spam Risk
What the fuck is going on.  Fuck you!

  510-112-7214  United States - So they change the number again and again.  Fuck you!

  510- 112-7219  United States - Same modus operandi.  Fuck you!

  510-112-7224  United States - Call, leave a message with nothing.  Call back later with different number....all day.  Fuck you!

  510-112-7224  United States - First time they repeated a number.  I think they are losing their touch.  That makes seven calls from the same telemarketing robot

This is totally Cyberdyne.  The machines are taking over.  Fuck you!

17 June 2019
  510-112-7283  United States - New week, new number.  Again, AT&T alerted this as Spam Risk. Looks like this is not going to end anytime, soon.  Fuck you!

  510-112-7297  United States - At what point is this beyond overkill?  Fuck you!

18 June 2019
  310-582-2359  Santa Monica, CA - Kinda strange that a 'normal' number pops up on the old mobile.  Still, we all know the routine.  Fuck you!

  510-112-7404  United States - Okay, now we are talking.  Back to this weird number thing.  Notice the last four digits keep going up.  There has been only one repeat, other than that, the numbers have been increasing.  Seems like they are trying every number from 71XX to 72XX, and now to 74XX.  What happened to 73XX?  I guess I got bumped from that list.  Until the next call, fuck you

20 June 2018
  310-849-5845  Beverly Hills, CA - So have we stopped with the weird 510-112-7XXX numbers?  Going back the tried and tested 310-849-XXXX?  Yeah, tried and tested as in everyone just ignores this shit.  Fuck you!

  310-849-6551  Beverly Hills, CA - Wait did you (510-112-7XXX) seriously run out of numbers?  Were they one time use?  Well, except for that one time they called twice.  I guess the 310-849-XXX has not run out of numbers.  Fuck you!

25 June 2019
  310-849-2585  Beverly Hills, CA - Surprise, another Beverly Hills number.  Fuck you!

  646-520-8734  New York, NY - Check out this text

Okay, like what score are we raising 100 points?  Credit score?  Cholesterol?  Pretty vague, asshole!  What, like just call you back and select and option?  This sounds like a fucking high school note.

Do you like me?
I pick option 4, fuck you!

26 June 2019
  310-849-8474  Beverly Hills, CA - I am just impressed by the range of numbers from Beverly Hills that these guys have spoofed.  Fuck you!

28 June 2019
  310-674-1878  Inglewood, CA - Change of pace.  Another spoofed number, but from a different "location".  Fuck you!

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