03 April 2018


We had two full moons in March (as we did in January).  We call this (two full moons in a month) a blue moon.  I just learned that. All this time I never gave much thought to the song.  I wonder what you call it when a telemarketer calls more than twenty times a day.

3 April 2018
  844-791-7356 - Another return caller, this number was flagged by my phone last month.  Like Jesus rising from the dead, a blocked number rises and still calls.  This time Call Protect intercepted the call.  Science and technology at your service.

I finally did a search for the number. It appears to be a toll-free number, with links to spam, telemarketer, Spectrum, suspicious spam, etc. Fuck you!

And, if it is Spectrum trying to up sell their bundle for $29 for internet, cable, landline...EACH.  Fuck you, too!

NOTE:  I was on a business trip for a few days. The phone was still on in case there was an emergency back at the ranch.  Little to my surprise, I had a few calls.

5 April 2018
  433-327-9049 Aberdeen, MD - Oh fun, we get to play this game again.  One....

  433-327-9049 Aberdeen, MD - Two...

  433-327-9049 Aberdeen, MD - Three...

  433-327-9049 Aberdeen, MD - Four...

  433-327-9049 Aberdeen, MD - Five...

  433-327-9049 Aberdeen, MD - Six...

  433-327-9049 Aberdeen, MD - Seven...

  433-327-9049 Aberdeen, MD - Eight...

  433-327-9049 Aberdeen, MD - Nine...

  433-327-9049 Aberdeen, MD - Ten...

  433-327-9049 Aberdeen, MD - Eleven...

  433-327-9049 Aberdeen, MD - Twelve...

  433-327-9049 Aberdeen, MD - Thirteen...

  433-327-9049 Aberdeen, MD  - Fourteen.  Fourteen calls by this number.  But here is something interesting.

  433-327-9049 Aberdeen, MD
Notice how the first call came through, but additional calls were intercepted by Call Protect.  Oh, here are the other calls from the same number.

  433-327-9049 Aberdeen, MD
 They also left a message. Since it is tax season...you guessed it...it was another one of those "the authorities are at your residence"calls.  The fun part is, my phone attempts to transcribe this message.  Take a look.

  433-327-9049 Aberdeen, MD
One more thing.  Fuck you!

  310-843-2415 Beverly Hills, CA - Oh, you thought we were done?  Nope, we are still on Thursday,  4 April.  Fuck you!

  310-849-9946  Beverly Hills, CA - If you have been following along, you should know this number.  Still calling.  Fuck you!

  310-849-2509  Beverly Hills, CA - If you are keeping score, that is seventeen calls in one day.  Fuck you!

7 April 2018
  467-67 - Well, at least this was not a 'call'.  This one came via text.

So they are basically spamming me, asking me if I want to use my car as a mobile spam device.  Fuck you!

9 April 2019
  310-849-7198  Beverly Hills, CA - Back from the business trip and without missing a beat, another spoofed number from Beverly Hills.  Fuck you!

13 April 2018
 323-792-1167  Los Angeles, CA - Good old phone marked this as a telemarketer. Telemarketer or not,  do you really think I am going to answer the phone on Friday the 13th?  Shit, the call could be coming from inside the house. Fuck you!

  215-402-5060  Springfield, PA - Oh, this on e is good.  Again, this was marked as 'telemarketer'.  So, obviously, I ignored it.  Then I noticed that a message was left.  This lead to a little digging on the internet machine.  I found this entry:
Received a call to our cell VM left was "... MaryAnn Johnson from Client Care" She was following up on a letter sent about discounted prescription benefits; provided a reference number: MD008121 and we should call back at 877-833-0642.
  Yep, that is exactly what I got.  Cold calling people with the same reference number and call back number from many reports.  Obviously, a scam.  Fuck you!

19 April 2018
  310-849-4836  Beverly Hills, CA - We all know this is a spoofed number.  Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel.  Fuck you!

23 April 2018
  310-849-2107  Beverly Hills, CA - Basically, they are going to try every 310-849 number, until I answer the phone.  I am a pro a ignoring calls...and not just from telemarketers.  Bring it, bitch.  Fuck you!

24 April 2018
  310-849-5446  Beverly Hills, CA -  Guess what time these fuckers called me.

Wake up call
Pretty sure I did not ask for a wake up call.  Half the country is not even up yet, and these terrorist are already cold calling people with spoofed numbers.  Fuck you!

26 April 2018
  213-807-8665  Los Angeles, CA - Good news:  Not Beverly Hills.  Bad News:  Still a telemarketer.  Fuck you!

27 April 2018
  310-849-1056  Beverly Hills, CA - Well, speak of the devil.  Fuck you!

28 April 2018
  310-848-4764  Beverly Hills, CA - Oh look, another call from Beverly Hills.  You know, they should remake the Beverly Hillbillies, but instead of hillbillies, the plot revolves around telemarketers.  Fuck you!

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