11 March 2018

Time Change

Well, it is that time...again.  Welcome to my bi-annual rant about setting watches and clocks.

Every six months or so, we have to go through this unneeded, useless ritual of springing back and falling forward...or is it fall back and spring forward.

Whatever.  My point is, there is no need to do this.  The planet tilts and orbits closer to the sun, giving us more daylight hours in a twenty four hour period.  Why do we need to adjust our time telling instruments every March and October?

Side note*.  Did you know that not everyone observes this dated ritual.  You have heard this before.  I am not just talking about some countries.  Some states do not even deal with this crap, while other states are looking into banishing this ridiculous observance.  Furthermore, other countries do not change their time on the same day.  The UK (and I am guessing some of Europe) does their time changes over a different weekend as their North American friends.  I do not even know when or if Asia or Oceania and other areas of the word changes  their clocks.  Argh!

Here is another interesting fact.  It takes about three days for the average person to acclimate to this, what is essentially, jet lag.  So everyone on Monday morning is driving with jet lag, causing an increase of 17% of accidents the Monday morning following a spring forward.

For the states and countries that are already not following this dark age convention, good.  You keep doing what you are doing.  For the governing bodies that are fighting for the elimination of this archaic practice, keep up the good fight.

Obviously, we cannot agree on one thing.  Heck, there are some countries (well, two) that are still stuck on the Imperial system.  Anyway, here again, is my proposal:

We not only stop this nonsense.  But to please everyone, we meet half way.  She want one hour ahead, he wants one hour behind.  #TimesUp  We set the clocks a half an hour off and leave it.  That is it.

We pick a day, the Winter Solstice seems like a good one, with the sun and the daylight and all that. Since we would be on Standard time during the Winter, everyone follows according to their originally assigned time zone and set their clocks forward a half an hour.

All the atomic clocks will follow this change.  That way, all our computers, globally and in orbit, will be all set.

Tangent:  Of course, I am writing this before we are supposed to set our clocks.  At 2 AM, the clocks magically jump to 3 AM.  So, I am trying to set this to post at 2:XX AM and it defaults to 3:XX AM.  Wow, we literally really lost that hour.  Anyway, I set this to post at 1:59 AM.

We will all sleep better and function better the next day...and forever...knowing that there will never be any unnecessary setting of clocks and watches.

World leaders, get on this.

...or, we can just all go by Swatch Internet Time (or beat time).

*Update:  Today in the UK, they are celebrating Mother's Day.  No time change for them.  Good luck telling mum her special day is an hour short.

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