12 May 2017


Did not get a call until half way through the month.  I can only hope that means some telemarketing cells were shut down.  Must likely they got lazy or my number was not up yet.

Edit:  First call of the month was originally 12 May.  Based purely on theory, it seems that the first call was on the first of the month...of course if was.

1 May 2015
  310-849-9946  Beverly Hills, CA - Adding back this number due to recent call, see below.  Originally thought this was a wrong number, but got a second call from this number.  I knew a two week drought of telemarketer calls was too good to be true.  Fuck you!

12 May 2015
  216-350-9030  Cleveland, OH - Apparently, these guys just call people, let the phone ring for one or tow rings, then disconnect.  What fucking purpose is that for?  Obviously, I do not know anyone in the Cleveland area and most others who have received calls from this number conclude that this is a telemarketer.  Fuck you!

13 May 2015
  310-849-5417  Beverly Hills, CA - While this seems to be a legit number, possibly wrong number.  Recent events have lead me to believe that this is a routed call.  Such as shame as I am sure the owners of this number (if legit) are nice people.  Anyway, fuck you!

15 May 2015
  310-849-9946  Beverly Hills, CA - Second call from this number, see top entry.  Again, originally thought to be a legit wrong number.  But why call a second time?  Especially, if you listen to my outgoing message.  There should be no mistaken whom you have called if you 'accidentally' call me.  What kind of an asshole does not double check a number?  Better yet, what fucking asshole, knowing that the number they called two weeks ago is wrong...calls again?  Fuck you!

   505-395-9131  Santa Fe, NM - Apparently, the "Federal Bureau of Investigation needs to contact me regarding some tax criminal whatever thing."  Also, "there are agents heading to my address right now".  If you remember, there were a few of these calls last month, during tax season.  Fuck you!

   505-395-9134  Santa Fe, NM - Really?  You are just going to change the last number and call me again?  Come on, you lazy fuck.  Are you telling me the "FBI" cannot get a better number to call me from?  One would think that the FBI would be calling me from...oh, maybe Washington DC.

Good try, but similar to how the real FBI does not negotiate with terrorists...I do not negotiate with robo-telemarketers.  Patiently waiting for the next call.  Fuck you!

  505-395-9132  Santa Fe, NM - Seriously, look at the last three numbers.  All three of  these numbers, no doubt from the same "FBI" office, left the same robo message.  Pretty sure if the FBI was looking for me they could find me. Heck, a fucking mall cop can find me.

Obviously, they are using scare tactics to phish for your information.  Unfortunately, (I am guessing) some have been tricked by these assholes.  The closest FBI headquarters to me is not in New Mexico, so I have no idea why a robo agent would be calling me from almost 1000 miles away.  Fuck you!

Only telemarketers call me
Update:  When I went home, there were no federal agents waiting for me.  I know, shocking.

18 May 2017
  323-454-2976  Los Angeles, CA - Well, not an "IRS" or "FBI" call.  But, still a fucking telemarketer.  Fuck you!

19 May 2017
  310-849-7426  Beverly Hills, CA - Oh, Beverly Hills...should I be impressed?  Fuck you!

21 May 2017
  310-849-1573  Beverly Hills, CA - Last two calls coming from the "Beverly Hills" area.  This call like some telemarketing calls, left no message.  I would say that about half are no messages and the other half is automated robo messages...never a human or a legit call.  Pretty sure I have received many calls from the 310-849 area code and prefix.  I do not trust those numbers. Fuck you!

25 May 2017
  401-283-0707  Providence, RI - Another "IRS" call.  Same recording as last time, but with different number to call back.  I like how they use buzz words like "tax fraud", "legal action", "arrest", etc.  Oh, I should mention that this is a robo call with a female voice...a fembot, if you will.  Yeah, baby.  I wonder if fembot is hot.  Do other electronics get off on that robovoice?  So, if I play the recorded message to my toaster, will the toast pop up faster?  I am going to take a wild guess and say there are no agents at my door right now...and this is a scam.  Fuck you!

26 May 2017
  940-392-9473  Bryson, TX - Possibly a wrong number, most likely a telemarketer.  Fuck you!

27 May 2017
  310-849-7283  Beverly Hills, CA - As mentioned, looks like that 310-849 area code and prefix has been taken over by telemarketers.  I thought Beverly Hills was supposed to be a plush area.  Champagne wishes, caviar dreams, and now telemarketing headquarters.  Fuck you!

30 May 2017
  310-849-9946  Beverly Hills, CA - Ah, a return caller.  Check out the first call of the month at top of this post...also called on the 15th of the month. Yep, same asshole.  One would think that after the first 'wrong number', you would double check the number.  Nope, that called a second time.

Well, this is the third call this month.  So, safe to say that this is a telemarketer call, with it most likely being a routed call. Fuck you!

  412-897-9473  Pittsburgh, PA - I know these are calls being routed through 'legit' numbers.  Usually, searches will red flag a telemarketer number.  With routed numbers, that is not the case.  Besides, who in Pittsburgh is going to call me.  Fuck you!

  262-671-9473  Kenosha, WI -  This one is weird. The call went directly to my voicemail. It just showed up only in voicemail and never came in as a call.  Really what is the point?  If you are trying to reach an audience with cold calls, why only tap in to the voicemail?  I only caught the very last part of the automated message, "press one now".  That was it?  You would have had a better chance of getting my attention with a regular call.  Instead, I find a small useless message from you two weeks later.  Fuck you!

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Tony Quart said...

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