04 January 2017


Who is excited for the first call of the year?  Me...well, not really.

4 January 2017
  559-462-7008 Springville, CA - First call of the year, and since 20 December.  It looks like the telemarketers took a little holiday break. Christmas Miracle is real.  Well, holiday is over, get your asses back to work.  Four days into the new year and they are back in business.  Fuck you!

12 January 2017
  323-922-5767  Los Angeles, CA - Little disappointed that we are twelve days into the year and only receiving my second call.  What, too cold to cold call?  Ha, see what I did there?  Not even funny...and neither is telemarketing.  So, fuck you! 

20 January 2017
   323-844-0822  Los Angeles, CA - Seems like a wrong number, but as in many cases, it most likely is a routed call.  A quick search shows this is currently a 'real' number, and no affiliation to telemarketing...yet.  Still, fuck you!

   323-897-1099  Los Angeles, CA - Hmm...I think we can scratch what I said in the previous post.  I think these are both telemarketer numbers.  For sure this one is, and at the very least the first call of the day was routed.  Maybe I should pick up to be sure...nah!  Fuck you!

21 January 2017
  323-897-1099  Los Angeles, CA - Yep, our first return caller of the year.  On a Saturday morning, no less.  Fuck you!

22 January 2017
   289-938-2199  Burlington, ON - Oh, this is a first, I think.  Not only an out of state number, this is an out of country number.  A call, well text, from Canada.  Kinda excited about it, but scared for our neighbours up north.  Wait, do I get even more screwed with this?  Is it considered long distance?  Then the added texting charge?

Oh, Canada
 Let me break this down.  A text, from another country on a Sunday evening.  What the fuck!  Why are you sending me something at 6PM...wait, 9PM your time...for a 'special' that is one day only.  It basically leaves me lest than three hours to jump on this 'deal'. Oh, I highly doubt that someone is working at 9PM on a Sunday, this is definitely from a fucking bot.

Oh wait, Ray-ban?  First of all, you should probably spell the product you are pushing correctly.  Capital R and B, Ray-Ban.  Well, I guess I could "Tap to Load Preview". What, you think I am stupid?  I am would not tap that ass with your dick.  And really, Ray-Ban's?  It was cool in the eighties when it was still own by the Bausch and Lomb.  But this brand has not been the same since it was sold to Luxottica.  Ugh, do not get me started on the grammar.  Fuck you!

26 January 2017
  612-297-8566  Minneapolis, MN - Been a long time since I got a call from Minnesota, You would have to go back to 2012, five years ago since the last call.  As per usual, I did a search for this number and this is a confirmed telemarketer with their 'scam specialty' in credit card services.  What is interesting is, the complaints that I found were within five minutes of each other, and my call.  So, this is a new one floating around and making its rounds.  Feel free to block...or answer and Rick Roll them. Fuck you!

30 January 2017
  352-527-4981  Beverly Hills, FL - Pretty sure this is a telemarketer.  But, what is more 'impressive' to me is this...there is a Beverly Hills in Florida?  What!  First there is a Hollywood, Florida, then there are those amusement parks like Universal Studios and Disney...now Beverly Hills?  What the fuck?  Florida is officially 'Fake California'.  Kinda awesome that there is a bootleg version of the west coast...where?...on the east coast, of course.  You know me and my love for knockoff...still, fuck you!

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