01 October 2015


First day of October and we are off to a great start.

1 October 2015
  310-849-7226  Beverly Hills, CA - I got a call from this number last month.  Again, this could be a legit wrong number.  But, why would you call the same 'wrong number',again?  Why not leave a message just in case.  Until proven otherwise, this is a telemarketer.  Fuck you!

  646-893-5423 - New York - These fuckers from New York tried to call me yesterday, too.  To that, I say, fuck you.

7 October 2015
  310-849-1035  Beverly Hills, CA - A quick search on this number and no flags were raised.  Perhaps no one has reported on it, yet.  Same area code and prefix as the other Beverly Hills number.  So, I am consider this another telemarketer call.  Fuck you!

29 October 2015
   323-609-6016  Los Angeles, CA - I bet you are thinking, "hey, 22 days between calls is not bad".  Well, normally, yes.  But, I have been on holiday for the last three weeks.  The kind of holiday where you turn off your phone.  I just turned on the phone this morning and bam, I get a call...as if they know when I came back.  Oh this gets better.  They is a return caller.  Fuck you!

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