10 March 2015

DeLorean Page Caption Contest

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Last week, the DeLorean Motor Company had a contest on their Facebook page.  They posted the above photo and challenged users to a caption contest.

Facebook caption contest
Obviously, with mad Photoshop skills and even better sarcasm skills, I went to work.  I only 'entered the contest' because I knew I had a smart ass comment. Well, most of my comments on social media are smart ass comments.  So, I took to the computer and created this:

DMC Air Filter
To me, the original photo looked like it was trying to be a DMC logo.  A quick zip-a-dee-doo-dah on the old computer thing and...poof...we have a winner.  Yeah, I actually won.  Okay, I was one of three winners chosen.  But, I won.

Today my package came.

Box of dreams
My pen and note pad
The items came in box that was larger than it needed to be.  I know this is due to there standard box sizes, but I thought for a moment that they sent me the actual air filters in the original post.

Thanks to the Sarah, James, Stephen, and everyone at DeLorean Motor Company for selecting my entry as one of the winners.

Yay, free stuff for being a smart ass.

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