18 July 2014

DeLorean Maintenance - 2014

Parked in front of the new DMC California location in Huntington Beach
Lately, I was having some issues with the car.  What?  No way.  Yep, there was a misfire in one of the cylinders and it was causing the car to shake.  This was noticeable while idling at a light.  The misfire made it hard to take off, as it huff and puffed through first gear.  Once I hit about 40mph, well in to third gear, it seemed better.

Normally, I wait until I need to smog the car to make a trip to DMC.  But, this misfire was not something I wanted to wait another nine months to fix.

Off to the new DMC-California location in Huntington Beach.  While there, I also had the team replace my Trailing Arm Bolt and Radius Arm Bushing with Inconel TAB's from DMC-Midwest and Polyurethane Bushings from DMC-Europe.  Danny suggested Steel Braided Fuel Lines.  Why not.

Stainless Steel Braided Fuel Line Kit
List of things done to the car:
  • - Install new Stainless Steel Braided Fuel Lines
  • - Install new Injector Nozzles and Seals (all six)
  • - Adjust Fuel Mixture, Timing, and Idle
  • - Install new Inconel Trailing Arm Bolts
  • - Install new Polyurethane Radius Arm Bushings
  • - A/C Service Evacuate, Charge, and Leak Test

That is it for this time.  I will be back in a few months for my usual maintenance.  In the meantime, I have some new parts that are waiting to be installed.  Stay tuned, as I will be working on the easier stuff...possibly, even this weekend.

Hot Wheels DeLorean, next to my DeLorean, at DeLorean Motor Company

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