05 May 2014


If I had twenty cents every time I ranted about getting a text message from a fucking telemarketer, I would be rich break even.  They find a way to annoy me.  First by taking time away from me, then taking money away...twenty cents at a time.

5 May 2014
   bairanbr@163.com - Another fucking text for some fucking sunglasses. Fuck you!

11 May 2014
   971-280-9936  OR, USA - Not only is this a weekend call, it came in at 1:19.  One o'clock in the fucking morning.  I was hoping this was a booty call.  Instead, I get fucked by the telemarketers, again.

Telemarketers and terrorists never sleep
Oregon, home of hipsters and telemarketers.  Telemarketers are terrorists.  Therefore, hipsters are terrorists.  Those fucking hipsters can go fuck themselves at 1AM.

14 May 2014
   951-266-5691  CA, USA - A quick search on Google tells me that this is a genuine robocall from a solar energy company.  Hey fuck nut, if you really want to save the earth from pollution, how about we rid the world of these toxic telemarketers.  Stop calling people and you will use less energy.  Heck, I will not have to wast my time and energy writing this.  But no, you have to harass people with your little scams.  Fuck you, I hope the sun burns your skin.

19 May 2014
   321-403-3561  Cocoa, FL - Hello return caller.  Oh, not from the same number.  But, I know you are a fucking return caller.  You and everyone in the 321 area code should just fuck yourselves.

20 May 2014
   106583770411811198593636@applesay.com - I know the only reason you are reading this blog is that you did a search for a number that called you.  I would be surprised if you actually came to this very post because you got a text, robbed of twenty cents, from this sender.  Surely, if you are going to send junk mail text, you would use something more common like, kaisersoze69@applesay.com.  Not this 106583770411811198593636@applesay.com.  Really?  Random fucking numbers.

Fuck you and your knock off sunglasses
By the way, the text came in at about 7:15 this morning.  Again, selling sunglasses.  I fucking hope you fry out your retinas, fuck you.

21 May 2014
   310-256-4359 Los Angeles, CA - At least this was a call and not a text.  Even better, they were not trying to pawn off some shitty knockoff sunglasses.  Actually, I am not sure what they were trying to sell.  I did not pick up, they did not leave a message.  Fuck you, very much.

22 May 2014
   106576874159711398976232@applesay.com - And...fuck you!

You owe me twenty cents, bitch

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Unknown said...

You should search Tom Mabe Telemarketer on YouTube its a comedian that basicly pranks telemarketers when they call him makes ya feel good knowing that the tables have been turned lol. See you at DCS!