01 October 2013


New month and we are off to a great start.  I get excited when I get a call on the first day of the month.  There is always a chance that they can sweep the month and call every day.  Excluding weekends, of course.  But, there are those willing to put in the overtime and harass you on the weekends.  That is dedication to your work. 

1 October 2013
   407-722-3791  Orlando, FL - Oh, you tricky bastards.  Calling from a different extension does not fool me.  Well, maybe you guys get a new set of numbers each month.  If that is the case, that is a slick move.  So, now that I know what number you are calling from this month, I will be sure to ignore you.  Thanks, and fuck off.

   407-722-3791  Orlando, FL - I have to admit, I am running out of creative and funny things to say about this caller.  Usually, I make fun of the city...already done that.  Sometimes, I will comment on the number and its relations to other numbers.  Again, already done.  Recently, I have even bitched about receiving multiple calls from the same number.  These guys have done all that within a week...shit, they did it within 24 hours.  Now that is service and dedication.  Maybe they should leave a message...oh, I already cover that angle, too.  Fuck!

7 October 2013
   267-298-1514  PA, USA -  First call from Pennsylvania.  Oh, I hope it is the Amish calling me.  That would make my day.  What if the Amish honeymoon as telemarketers?  Could make a great Nicholas Cage movie, directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

11 October 2013
   407-733-7137  Orlando, FL - Orlando, where have you been? Looks like you got a make over.  Look at the numbers above, the ones you were using earlier in the month.  So you changed a few numbers, you still look like a big bag of douche.  I see through your shitty disguise, fuck you!

14 October 2013
   Unknown - Fucking 'Steve' from some injury scam center just called.  Normally, I do not pick up...but I am doing some exciting top secret stuff and someone maybe contacting me.  More on that later.  Anyway, I just let 'Steve' talk.  He has a great voice.  He should do radio or some voice over work.  Why waste your life harassing people as a telemarketer?  Fuck you, Steve.

17 October 2013
   540-898-8818  Fredericksburg, VA - A missed call, but definitely a telemarketer call.  Good thing they called back.

   540-898-8818  Fredericksburg, VA - Actually, I missed two calls from these guys.  Seems like they call right after the first call.  As if I am going to pick up.  If I missed your call the first thirty seconds ago, what makes you think I am going to pick up now?  Fuck you.

19 October 2013
   540-898-8818  Fredericksburg, VA - Not one

   540-898-8818  Fredericksburg, VA - Not two

   540-898-8818  Fredericksburg, VA - Yes, three calls in less than two minutes, on a Saturday.  The more you call, the more I ignore.  I bet that the only people who pick up unknown calls are people without caller ID on their phone. 

20 October 2013
   540-898-8818  Fredericksburg, VA - Wow, on a Sunday.  I did some research via Google.  This is apparently a research company.  The Do Not Call Registry does no apply to research and charity companies.  So, all this time I have been getting calls from research and charity companies?  Would be pretty funny if they were doing research on 'how people get annoyed at telemarketers'. 

   540-898-8818  Fredericksburg, VA - Second call of the day.  Why am I not surprised?
   540-898-8818  Fredericksburg, VA - Surprise, fuck you! 

22 October 2013
   540-898-8818  Fredericksburg, VA - Oh, look who called.  Oh, look who is getting ignored.  Oh, look who should fuck off.

28 October 2013
   706-805-1775  GA, USA - Pattern breaker.  One more and Fredericksburg would have had ten.  Alas, they only have nine...they are the Martina Navratilova of telemarketers. 


Anonymous said...

My cell phone got hacked and so I drove over to ATT to get sim card replaced....Within five mins of popping in new sim card I get some telemarketer from Orlando trying to get my credit card number for a vacation at Hilton. Drove all the way back to ATT, and immeditately changed my number.....How do you like those apples...Scumbags?

Anonymous said...

They are BEYOND annoying!!!! If you have a smartphone you can go into the Call Settings and 'Auto-Reject' pain in the a*s numbers like these. That's what I did for this exact number that calls at least twice a day and NEVER leaves a message.