01 August 2013


I get pretty excited when I get a call on the first day of the month.  On one hand, I fucking hate these fuckers...nothing new there.  On the other hand, I want to see if they can call me everyday for an entire month.  I will let it slide if they do not call during the weekends.  But, you know how these fuckers love to call and a Saturday morning is not going to stop them.

1 August 2013
   407-673-0587   FL, USA -  This is interesting,  I looked this number up on Google and there are no 'reports' of this being a telemarketers' number from the usual places.  Well, I am pretty sure it is one.  So, this entry might be the first 'official' report of this number being a telemarketer.  Spread the word, let everyone know that these fuckers are terrorists.

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Update:  In the last 24 hours, there have been 92 views of this post.  Most, if not all, from searches of the telemarketers number.  I am happy to provide you with the entertainment and, in a way, information on telemarketer numbers.  I do this for free, since my Google AdSense has been disabled.

2 August 2013
   757-414-2323  VA, USA - This is exactly what I was hoping for, two days in a row.  August is off to a great start.  I hope they keep this up...just so I have something to write about.  If only my teachers can see me now.  Hey look, I am working on my creative writing skills.  Fuck you!

6 August 2013
   479-677-8520  AR, USA - Fucking slackers,  where were you yesterday?  I give you the weekend off and you take Monday off.  Did not even call in sick?  Wait...you know what I mean.  Arkansas...what if there was a pirate on Jeopardy! and the answer was "Topeka is the capital of this state".  Then the pirate buzzes in and says, "What is Arh-Kansas?"  Would the pirate be given credit for that?  And, why is it pronounced "Arh-Kan-Saw", when you have a "Kans-Ass" located just diagonally from you?  Fuck you in the saw!

12 August 2013
  925-420-1424  'East San Francisco Bay Area' - Oh what do we have here?  Looking back on last month, we have a number from same area code and prefix, but different 'extension'.  Obviously, the Walnut Creek area is a headquarters for telemarketers.  Are they on Willow Pass Road, Pleasant Hill Drive?  Perhaps the students from Diablo Valley College are working summer jobs at this place.  Speaking of summer jobs and DVC, do you know the movie Summer School?  There is a scene where Mark Harmon wears Diablo Valley College shirt.  No kidding.

Mark Harmon sporting a Diablo Valley College shirt.
Oh, here is an idea...maybe Mark Harmon and his team at NCIS can do an episode on tracking down telemarketers.  I have said many time that telemarketers are terrorists.  I would totally watch that episode.

   925-420-1415  'East San Francisco Bay Area' - Mother fucker!  Two calls within two hours, same area code and prefix.  How many numbers do you think they have?  Fuck you!

16 August 2013
   281-386-9440  Houston, TX - Someone in Houston should find were the telemarketing office is and have them drawn an quartered.  You know, because when I think of Texas, I think of cowboys and horses.  It makes no sense, but neither does randomly calling someone on the Do Not Call Registry in hopes of me picking up the call.  Fuck you!

19 August 2013
   925-420-1423  'East San Francisco Bay Area' - Now, there are at least least four numbers from this prefix.  So, I have been watching Battlestar Galactica, both the original and the recent remake.  I see these numbers as Cylons.  I know they are out there, but not what the actual numbers are.  So far, there are four...there could be twelve.  Frak you!

26 August 2013
   918-866-7810  Sparks, OK - Looks like this the third time I  got a call from this number.  I like return callers, it lets me ignore them faster without thinking if it is a real call.  Although, it is a fun surprise when you set your phone to vibrate.  Fuck you, Sparks...okay?

30 August 2013
   616-980-2164  MI, USA - Last minute rush before the long weekend, and the end of the month.  Also, Labour Day marks the end of summer, so I guess the summer interns at the telemarketing firms are getting in those last calls.  You internship was a total waste.  Go back to school and think about how you could have had a meaningful internship at a respectable place of employment.  No one is going to hire you when they see that you worked for a telemarketing firm.  Fuck you!

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