22 March 2013

Fish McBites...In Happy Meals

Quick review, McDonald's Fish McBites are really good.  Dare I say it, better than their Filet-O-Fish.  Also, the packaging for the Fish McBites is a great design.  The only drawback, it is only available for a limited time.  Why? They are awesome!  I suggest going to your local McDonald's and order a box of these.  Perhaps increased sales will convince McDonald's to keep it on their menu.

Fish McBites Happy Meal
For years, even decades, I have been talking about Filet-O-Fish Happy Meals.  It is good to see that McDonald's had incorporated the Fish McBites into their Happy Meal menu.  I consider this a small victory on my part.  I like to think that they listened to me.  Better yet, I like to think that someone at McDonald's Headquarters had the brains and balls to add this to their menu.  Again, the only drawback is since the Fish McBites are limited time item, so is the Fish McBites Happy Meal.

Meanwhile, the fight for the Filet-O-Fish Happy Meal continues.

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