10 April 2012


April showers bring May flowers.  Well, April telemarketers can fuck the right off, and take the May ones with you.  April opens with a string of calls from Denver, continuing their harassment from last month.   I am a little worried about my friends from Oregon...well, no really.  I hope they went out of business, but we all know that they will strike when I least expect it.  But, here is the thing, I do expect them to call all the fucking time. 

Oh, maybe since it is tax season, they got audited by the IRS.  Wait, what am I thinking?  No way would a government agency do anything about telemarketers...yeah, Do Not Call Registry, I am talking to you.

2 April 2012
   303-249-9700  Denver, CO  Denver with number three.  With Astoria lagging on calls, we may have a new contender if they are able to make a run this month.

   503-902-8290  Salem, OR  Interesting, been about four months since I received a call from Salem.  Same prefix, different extension.  That was the only call from Salem.  Oregon sucks big donkey balls.

4 April 2012
   303-249-9700  Denver, CO  If I was a scout for the telemarketer, I would keep an eye on Denver.  These guys could make a big impact on the telemarketer world.

   843-619-7688  SC, USA  Welcome, new caller.  Now, go fuck yourself!

   303-249-9700  Denver, CO  Are you fuckers going to go for the hat trick?

5 April 2012
   303-249-9700  Denver, CO  Call number six.  Please proceed to fuck yourself.

9 April 2012
    303-249-9700  Denver, CO  This is no joke, these guys are for real.  I was thinking that there would be a 'resurrection' of some sort this week from Astoria.  Looks like Denver is here to stay.  Well, many have tried few have succeed.

10 April 2012
   303-249-9700  Denver, CO  I was in Denver a few years ago.  I remember it being a nice city.  Oh, how things change.  It seems it has now been taken over by terrorists.

14 April 2012
   303-249-9700  Denver, CO  Saturday morning at 9:30.  What the fuck?  This will be their ninth call.  Barely half way into the the month and these are on quite the streak.  Here is a look at the last few calls I have received.

Telemarketer of the month
23 April 2012
   310-409-2011  Los Angeles, CA  Wow, it has been over a week since I had recieved a call.  Maybe they are all distracted by the NHL Playoffs.  I think this is the calm before the storm.  They like to make a run for it at the end of the month.  As always, I am prepared to ignore all telemarketing calls.

26 April 2012
   617-390-4562  MA, USA  Massachusetts, specifically the Boston region.  Well, I guess that Game 7 lost to Washington last night brought out the assholes. 

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