10 September 2010

Downtown Toronto

While in Toronto for my cousin's wedding, I got a little free time and visited the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Engraving on the Stanley Cup from the Flames 1989 Championship

Hall of Famer, Lanny MacDonald. Notice Joey Mullen to the right.

After the Hall, we went to the Blue Jays game. They lost 4-10 to the Detroit Tigers. I just happen to spot Ace and got a picture with him, just before the seventh inning stretch.

After the game, we walked to Wayne Gretzky's. Located at 99 Blue Jays Way. It was sort of like a mini Hockey Hall of Fame.

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mikeH said...

Good trip, I'd forgotten that Norm Green was still an owner of the Flames in '88-'89 (just before blowing his wad on the North Stars).

I can't wait for the Lanny McDonald "Hall of Fame" edition Hot Wheels car. I'm picturing a Stanley Cup in the back seat and a big, red soup strainer hanging off the grille.