25 July 2010

My "Highlight Reel" Goal - Part III

Well, not goal...but three goals and an assist. HAT TRICK and an assist! Yeah, four points...in a 6-4 loss. Girlvaughn told me I needed to score more goals.

The first of four points was an assist in the first period. I got a shot on goal, luckily someone got the rebound. That goalie was huge, hard to get around.

First goal was a semi-breakaway down the left wing, first period. Faked the forehand, went around the goalie and lifted the backhand just under the cross bar. Second goal was on the power play in the second period. I was dancing around the net, near the goal line Saw the puck drop in front of me and shot it backhand at the goal. The puck deflected of goaltender's arm and tricked in.

Between all this the other team scored a few goals. I had a couple of good shots...on the goaltender, one hit him in the face. I think I had two other breakaways. On one, I tried the Forsberg move, but lost the puck.

Third goal came in the third period. A goal a period, not bad. We were already down 6-3, with a few minutes left. I was standing in the slot, puck came to me and without looking, I took the shot. Saw the puck just make it under the goalie's arm. In the end, we lost the game.

There you go. Statistically (is that a word?), the best game I have played. Hat trick, baby! It is all down hill from here.

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Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT job. Thank you. ;)