20 September 2009

First Career Hat Trick

Played my first hockey game in 5-6 years. Also, it was my first roller hockey game. I knew going in that there are subtle differences between ice and roller...like not stopping. Anyways, I just went out there to have some fun and to get some much needed exercise.

Here is a summary of what I did in the game:


First period. Scored two goals. One on my knees, one on my stomach...both while falling down. I would like to think that it is because I am used to ice. Nah, that is just the way I play. I like being in front of the net looking for rebounds and deflecting shots.

Second period. Got pulled down on a semi-break away, awarded a penalty shot. You may be thinking, "Hey, two goals. This must be how he got the hat trick". Nope. Then, "the goalie must had made a great save". Wrong, again. I took the puck from center ice (Yeah, I am still going to call it ice. Even though it is cement with a layer of paint.), skated toward the net, got to the face off circles and...fell. Yeah, I just fell. It was awesome, I am sure you will see it on SportCenter highlights for years to come. I got up and congratulated the goalie on a nice save. Oh, and the bench cheered.

Third period. Offensive face off. I stood in front of the goalie, hoping for a one-timer or to rush the net. Face off is won, puck comes towards me as I get into position...the puck deflects off my skate. I get credited with the goal. First career hat trick.

...and yes, still gasping for air.

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