21 September 2008

To Boldly Go...

My buddy Jun need to get to a vent in his attic. I volunteered to go up in his attic. A hole needed to be cut into the existing vent, then the new vent tube shoved into the hole.

That is me in a very tight space.

Here is he hole. I had cut the hole, then cut darts along the edge and folded the exposed sharp edge over. Nice and smooth. There was not much elbow room there to move, not much leverage. I was on my stomach the entire time. Jun is going to let me live in his attic...rent free!

Shot of Jun from the attic. Prep for the new tube.

Expanding foam to seal the gaps. Seven inch tube shoved into a five and half inch hole.

Jun patching up the old exhaust hole.

A view from ground level. New vent tube next to old vent hole.

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