21 March 2008

Great Marketing Idea

We just got Enchanted on DVD...yes, the widescreen version. Naturally, I opened the case. Here is a shot of what one would see.

Then, I noticed this coupon...

Yeah, a coupon for Enchanted on Blu-ray. I am so excited, I have a Blu-ray player and there is nothing better than seeing a movie on Blu-ray. Plus, with $10 off, it should be around $20...same as a regular DVD. Wait, I have the DVD...right here in front of me, I just got it. But...it is opened, and I cannot return it when it is opened. Let me get this genius of a marketing campaign right...they put a coupon for something that you just bought (granted a better version) INSIDE said product?!?!? How is this suppose to promote anything?

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