07 January 2008

Winner of Nominations

It is award season and studios want you to see their films...as if you really care. Ads on television and in the newspaper state that their films is a 'winner of X Golden Globe nominations'. This statement is not only misleading, but it is incorrect.

One does not win a nomination, one wins an award. One earns a nomination. After the awards show, do you think they will talk about the loser as "it won 4 nominations"? No! You say, "it was nominated for 4, but only won one".

Just like in sports, a team qualifies for a playoff spot. They do not win a playoff spot. After said tournament, who cares who qualified? You only cars about who won.

This "winning of nominations" is just a ploy from the studios to catch you off guard. Making you think that the film is an actual winner of something. Keep in mind that just because it may win an award, the movie could still suck.

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