25 February 2007

I am a Wii-junkie

There are many reasons I do not update this blog on a regular basis. For one, no one knows about this and therefore, no one reads this...it is just for me. Another reason, I am a really lazy person.

Two weeks ago, I got the Wii. This pretty much means that I have been "Wii-ing" the past two weeks. We have had one at work since its release. Once the clock hits five, the gang gets together for our daily dose. After a about and hour or so, we all go home to play on our personal systems at home. Wii is the reason to go to work and to come home.

I highly recommend the Wii. If you have one, good. If you do not have one, I suggest you get one or get a friend that has one.

I got to keep this short, I must get back to "Wii-ing". Yeah, that is my word, you heard it here first...but you are not even here, whatever.

1 comment:

murph said...

what games did you score for your wii? please say you got ravin rabbids! we got tired of trying to find a wii that we bought the ps2 port of it. games fun, but it's obvious it was made for the wii.